Our Lady and St. Juan Diego

Our Lady and St. Juan Diego

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Entrustment to Mary = Praying with the Eyes of Faith

From the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops website:

"Lord, we thank you
for the goodness of our people
and for the spirit of justice
that fills this nation.
We thank you for the beauty and fullness of the
land and the challenge of the cities.

We thank you for our work and our rest,
for one another, and for our homes.
We thank you, Lord:
accept our thanksgiving on this day.
We pray and give thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord.
R: Amen."
Now, go back and when you say "We" think "WE - Mary and I." For me, entrustment to Mary is about learning what it is like to have Mary's Hope, Mary's Eyes, Mary's Love...for my neighbor, for my family, for my GOD!
May you all be having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

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