Our Lady and St. Juan Diego

Our Lady and St. Juan Diego

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe, My Queen

When I get overwhelmed, or start to experience feelings of stress, even when there is nothing to worry about, I remember the words of Our Lady to St. Juan Diego back in the year 1531...words that I am sure she wants each of us to hear and know she is saying them all of us:

"Listen. Put it into your heart, my smallest child, that the thing that frightened you, the thing that afflicted you is nothing:
Do not let it disturb you...
Am I not here, I who am your mother?
Are you not under my shadow and protection?
Am I not the source of your joy?
Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms?
Do you need something more?"

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 2015.  I desire for all my dear ones to come to know this Amazing Queen who holds them in her Immaculate Heart. I want to shout to all the world: "Let her love you!"

Knowing her love is the perfect way to begin the Jubilee of Mercy ~ for it was Jesus' dying wish for me to "Behold, your mother" (Jn 19:27) as He beheld her when He was placed in her womb, and born into her arms that first Christmas.

Happy Advent, everyone!


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  2. oh SHUT UP about juan diego hearing from Mary. He no more heard from her than there is a man in the moon. You are a religious IDIOT, completely lost and on your way to hell.

  3. Be careful with your accusation lest you judge rashly. Satan means “the Accuser” and if there is a particular person the devil hates most, it’s Mother Mary. Scrutinize where your hostility comes from for your own sake.

    This apparition is Church approved. Hence, we are not obligated to believe it, but there is no sin in believing it either.

    That being said, the fruits of this mystical encounter were extraordinary. After many years of little success in converting the pagan natives of the Aztecs, in a handful of years after the appearance of Mother Mary to Juan Diego, Mexico saw the conversion of 9 million people which resulted in the end of centuries of human sacrifice in that area.

    Tell me. Can man take credit for such success in leading souls to Christ? Of course not.

    Mother of God, pray for us all and protect us from the evil one.

    May God bless you.