Our Lady and St. Juan Diego

Our Lady and St. Juan Diego

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Toward Gratitude: The List that Never Ends....

With it being Thanksgiving, which for some turns into Black Friday, which for some turns into hectic travel, which for some turns into anxiety and fear of falling behind, we decided to give you a quote from one of S.C. Biela's most beautiful books The Two Pillars.  This book guides the reader toward contrition and gratitude. There is still time for us to stop and remember that we are utterly and completely immersed in LOVE!

“It is necessary to open our eyes and our hearts widely, to look at our lives as far back as we can remember to childhood and try to see how much good, love, care, and forgiveness is in everything that the Loving Presence gives us. The gift contains the interior call to respond to it. The gift demands gratitude.

What if we overheard a prayer lifted up to the Blessed Mother by a young American student who calls herself tiny (crumb)? This prayer is so simple, yet simultaneously astonishing, in the way it shows how she perceives God’s gifts in the areas of life where God’s bestowals are corroded by routine and, therefore, normally illegible for us. Perhaps our lack of discretion will be forgiven us if, because of it, we begin to discover bestowals whose dimensions can reach the size of a continent a continent of bestowals.

Dearest Mommy,
Thank You for everything:
For sitting with me on the subway as we returned from school.
For brushing my teeth with me.
For cleaning with me.
For giving me the grace of loneliness, so that I can better understand how You love me so much.
For my entire past and for everything that has led me to this moment of grace, thanks to which I constantly remember about Your loving presence.
For allowing my pride and my illusions to crush me to the point of depression, such that now I can understand and desire Your love and truth.
For Your constant friendship, even when I still didn’t know where You were.
For the fact that I do not have to try to achieve anything in the eyes of this world.
I thank You for the fact that I am constantly rejected by others, so that only You can be the Queen of my heart.
For laughing with me when I stumble and fall on this way because of my weaknesses.
For crying with me when I helplessly tried to understand, instead of simply entrusting myself to Your love.
I thank You, Mommy, that I am not tall and that I cannot see a lot of things because of this.
For all of the girls in the dormitory who look at me and giggle because I do not drink or sleep with boys.
For gathering up all of the graces that I receive and for safeguarding them with Your care so that they are not wasted.
For preserving me from so many sins because You know that without You I am capable of doing the most heinous and evil things.
For everything, Mommy, I am grateful.
For the abyss of my spiritual misery and for the abyss of Your love that fills it.
For the tininess of my entire being and for Your greatness.
For being my only home and refuge.
For our communion of hearts.      
For simplicity.
For silence, but also, for noise.
For the ocean of mercy that is outpoured over the earth.
For taking me and carrying me in Your arms anew, even after I wound You and Your Son.
For loving me so much that You desire my sanctification.
For showing me that, on our path of life, everything is and always will be grace.
Mommy, I thank You that this list will never end
Your beloved, little
(S.C. Biela, The Two Pillars, [Ft.Collins, CO: IAMF, 2006], 71-73. Used with permission.)

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